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Hi everyone, I recently applied to Dalhousie as a Non-Maritime... my GPA is 4.0 and MCAT is 512 (meet the minimum requirements). I was under the impression that they look at your essays and supplemental information prior to the interview... however, reading what they posted on their website (attached as image) has me kinda confused. Even as Non-Maritime, do you still get an interview if you meet that cycles GPA/MCAT minimum?


Thank you!

Screenshot 2017-10-08 14.32.08.png

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The image you posted states that the Non-Maritime applicants are held to a higher threshold, which means that, even if you meet the minimum, you are not guaranteed an interview.    What that threshold may be is the mystery; however, I would think that it depends on the statistics of the non-maritime applicant pool. The supplemental is part of the overall scoring, not a factor for the interview in either maritime or non-maritime applicants. 

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It appears to be that way according to the 2016 Admissions Review Committee Report. GPA/MCAT, as stated in the report, are used as screening tools when it comes to deciding interviews. I am not speaking on behalf of the admissions committee; I am just using past experience and what the website states. You could imagine that the interview process would be nearly impossible if every Canadian applicant who met the minimum requirements were to receive an interview. I guess I am curious, what about it astonishes you?

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13 minutes ago, hartk48 said:

Casper takes a month to score, so our fates have been determined a long time ago! All it takes is some stats wiz on spss to curve us which shouldnt take longer than a day.


Edit: *to put us on a curve and cut off anyone 1.5 std below the mean

Apparently they have already emailed the applicants who did not meet the Casper cut-off.

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