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High Overall MCAT, low CARS - Thoughts?

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I think you have a good shot at UofT provided your LORs/essays were good as well as Mac and Ottawa if you kill CASPer. Queen's is a black box but I think you might meet the section and overall cutoffs for the MCAT. I wouldn't rewrite and just wait and see what interviews you get, you'll be able to see if that 125 really ends up mattering for schools like Queen's and Mac. 

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Seems like you're aware of your options for Canadian schools. Great stats btw! I'd consider your ECs as quite strong and with your cGPA, depending on how well you word your ABS and essays for UofT, you do have a high chance there.  You could try applying to UBC as well, they don't consider your MCAT scores until after the interview process. You'd be golden for American schools though! 

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