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Hi guys,

I am having a lot of difficulty studying for my system based classes and I was wondering if I needed to change my method. For most of my classes, we have 3 sources of information: classes, powerpoints, and textbooks. My teacher's powerpoints don't have much on it so I need to read the textbook. However, while reading the textbook, I am not sure what I need to memorize and what is important for the exams. Should I take notes on the side, considering that it consumes most of my time or should I memorize directly from the textbook? Should I write condensed notes on a paper or type them on a word document? Also, there are so many definitions that I am not sure which one I should know by heart ... 

Hope someone could give me some tips and what was efficient for them during med school.


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Are you a student at York? lol every institution has unique learning opportunities, what works for student A at X university might not work for student B at Y university.

It's always better to ask someone who's in the same institutition, obviously higher year students who took the course.


Generally, I would advise you not to cram, always space out your learning because cramming never works, go to your prof's office hours and ask anything about the course (or concepts you're struggling with), talk to your peers (group discussions) and look at the learning objectives of the course you are taking.


Hope these help!

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