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Redoing MCAT

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I've never done the MCAT, nor do I have any desire to do it.

Out of curiosity, has anyone ever done drastically better on an MCAT on a subsequent sitting? I know a few people now who have done the MCAT a second time after studying MUCH harder the second time, and ended up with essentially the same scores. From my understanding (I'm not a psychologist), MCAT scores correlate highly with IQ. Since IQ can't really be changed much, it stand to reason that MCAT scores can't either. 

I'm happy to be disproved. 

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I would argue that the new MCAT has a strong relationship with critical thinking skills, not sure about IQ. 

With regards to improvement, its all anecdotal evidence.. I know multiple people who did not improve much, and I know just as many who jumped 7 or more points. If you want, R E D D D I T has an MCAT subforum with people who reported their scores and some report their first MCAT scores, so maybe that could help, but be warned for self-report bias.

It really comes down to *how* they studied. I find that many people sit in the library for hours to convince themselves they are studying, where in fact they are just staring at the books and not engaging with the material. In my second attempt I studied for less hours, did more practice questions and most importantly, I was talking to myself throughout the whole freaking test I dont think I am a smart person with a high IQ but I managed to pull off a 511, its not the best but I definitely didn't think I can do it.

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I wrote the MCAT twice and did better by 2-3 points in 3 out of the 4 sections the second time around, which got me an interview. The difference for me was more time studying the things I was weak on and the extra practice. My biggest improvement was in CARS, where I went from a 126 to a 129, which I strongly attribute to having a really good CARS instructor at the prep course I took. So I'm sure there is some correlation with IQ and one's innate abilities but there absolutely is room to improve. 

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