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Hey Guys,


This is for a friend of mine: She has a GPA of around 3.7+, with the adjustment for the worst year drop and everything. She also has done a course-based masters for two years, at the end of which, she's done her Thesis. Her GPA for the grad school is 3.85. 

Can anyone shed light on what her chances are for her to get an interview invite from UofT  ? Is this 0.2 bonus real ? 

Any comment would be highly appreciated.


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1 hour ago, Futur3 said:

Is the MSc course-based or thesis-based? You said course-based but mentioned she did a thesis. If it's course-based, the "bonus" no longer exists for UofT, instead, they use your "MSc GPA" for that course-based MSc along with your UG GPA, dropping your lowest UG year. If you meant thesis-based MSc, then I am not sure. Minimum GPA to receive an interview at UofT is 3.85. Hope this helps!

Thanks for your response. I asked her and she says she's it's thesis based. I advised her to apply anyways and worst could happen is for her to not get an invite ! 

I had just read somewhere along the lines in here that there's a 0.2 bonus added to UG GPA if one has done their Masters too. 


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