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Accepted, waitlisted, rejected 2017-2018 (actual stats start on P8)

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March 2018 Notification of results of the Newfoundland and Labrador competition.
April/May 2018 Notification of results of the New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Yukon Territory, and Other Canadian Provinces/Non-Canadian competitions.
May - September 07, 2018 Unsuccessful applicants may meet with the Assistant Dean for Admissions or Admissions Officer to discuss reapplying.

As the website says, from now until March, April, and May.

In case if you heard back from MUNmed, and you've been either accepted, waitlisted, or rejected, please provide us an insight with your gpa, mcat, how you felt about the interveiw, EC, and IP, OOP, or PEI or New Brunswick applicants. If you're declining the offer, please let us know too~

All the best everybody! 




Admission office said NL applicants will hear back on March 1st??? March 6th (confirmed 100%): stats start on P8

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Got mine 45 mins ago.   for stats purposes:  IP Non-trad (have a phd, no science background, way older that y'all and I have a kid) GPA was crap in first 2 years of undergrad

I was in their office 10 min ago, and confirming March 6 is indeed the date they send out notices for IP applicant (everybody: accepted, waitlisted, rejected)

I called the admission office this morning and the lady replied, " You will receive an email early next week"   Assuming Tuesday it is...     

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23 hours ago, MemUni said:

Does anybody know if "March" actually means that the results will definitely be released in March? I have heard from multiple people that we should expect the results to come out in February and that they just say March to be safe. 

I've heard that too. The last few years, there have been admissions meetings cancelled due to weather, and they had to reschedule. So maybe they said March to account for weather delays, but if there are none they might be out earlier?

Just speculating though.

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34 minutes ago, MemUni said:

Also, do you know if the e-mails get sent out all at once? Or will some people get them in the morning and some people in the evening like with the interview invites :S

In previous years they've sent them out one at a time. 

They seem to send out acceptances, then waitlists, then rejections, but I don't think that's actually a rule. Just a pattern I've noticed. 

Edited: But I think the LAST email last year was like 4:30. I'm pretty sure it didn't go into the evening. 

Edited by Rekabnire
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