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I know at least one of my classmates that earned their degree at AU. I also took several courses at AU. I will say, though, that this was before the rules were changed in the UofC applicant manual that talk about MD/PhD granting institutions etc., which I clearly don't know all of the details about. Admissions would be able to answer your question fairly directly.

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I can say 100 percent you can complete your entire degree at Athabasca, and get into medicine.


you need to to think about a few things. 


1) your course must be complete between September and April to count. 

2) you must take a 24 credit year to count as full time. That’s 4, 3 credit courses a semester. 

3) the courses MUST be comparable to courses that are granted at the u of c or u of a. So for example English courses or math courses (university level courses). Avoid things that sound like they come from a diploma school, or technical collage. If in doubt check. So for example your first year Chem courses, your math courses, physics, English etc all transfer if they are used as a part of your degree acquisition. Things like “restaurant management” courses probably won’t. 


the u of c is specifically vague on this last point because they want to be as inclusive as possible, but also be able to say “hey now, that course is clearly not a university level course”. 

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