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I have a bunch of questions regarding the Dalhousie Application.

Is the entire application due December 1 (including supporting documents)? 

On the login it says that we have to submit a personal statement, left/right hand form, CPR etc. but there is no mention of this online. Is this old or do we still have to submit it?

For the application, the only documents we have to submit are the 2 supplementary forms. Is this correct? And how are we supposed to submit these forms? By mail?

Thanks for the help!

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Thought I'd give you an update about the vartious documents mentioned online. This is the email Jo-anne is sending to applicants who inquire about it:

Dear Applicant,
Do not go by what is online it is not accurate.
The only thing that is due by December 1 is the application and fee.
Supplemental Form 1, Supplemental Form 2, transcripts and DAT Scores are due February 1 (unless you do the DAT in February – you would submit the results when available). 
References are only required if you are invited for an interview.
CPR/Immunization Records are only required if you are accepted into the program.
The personal statement is the Supplemental Form 1.
There is no left/right hand form.
As I go through the files, if there is anything missing that is required, you will get an email from email from me and given time to get it in.

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