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Hey guys,

I'm sorry if these types of posts are not allowed and mods please take down if you see fit. I'm a Australian grad and first year associate dentist in the Toronto area. I have started a dental podcast interviewing other new grads from around the world giving great in sight into to day to day clinical life and hoping to pick up some wisdom and learn from each guest. There's not too many Canadian based dental podcasts out there so it may be pretty relevant to you guys who are new grads or are in dental school now.

This is not a money making venture and I'm not selling anything. Just a side hobby I've started to connect with other like minded dentists.

Can find the "noobie dentist podcast" on iTunes and Stitcher or on my website at www.noobiedentist.com

Can also check out my instagram page: @noobiedentist

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On 12/7/2017 at 1:53 AM, Super Nova said:

What kind of topics you imagine will be discussed? This is a good idea. There is definitely a lack of podcasts catered to canadians 

so I'm 6 episodes deep now. pretty far ranging topics so far. Not so much business of dentistry focused but more so clinically focused and life focused. Talk about different young dentists job situations, where they working, how many days, number of patients etc. Types of procedures they enjoy doing, dont enjoy doing. What people wearing to work (scrubs vs business casual etc), types of continuing education. I'm very much instagram based and driven right now (@noobiedentist on IG). So for the past several episodes and most likely going forward I'm doing a "Dentists of Instagram" series, talking to general dentists and specialists who are active in the instagram dentistry community!  as the podcast grows Im getting more and more high profile guests on. For those of us that are active on instagram its cool to talk to like minded people and get their story and talk a lot about the motive and incentive for posting. 

I personally am a massive fan of the role social media (facebook and instagram and even youtube) is playing in education. Today, young dentists have so much freaking access to top level clinicians and their work that I think it's there for the taking. If you want to crush it and do amazing dentistry as I hope to do then that's where you gotta be. Important to both contribute and engage and ask questions. After 1 month of doing the podcast I got to have dinner with one of my mentors and idols Dr. Howard Farran and just interviewed him on the podcast this week actually! never before could you so easily and readily talk to leading experts in their respective fields!

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