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2 hours ago, leothelion said:

Hi all,

Trying to plan my next year and not sure if I should be applying to lots of masters etc as back up. Any thoughts on likelihood of interviews would be appreciated.

OMSAS cGPA: 3.73

First year: 3.18

Second year: 3.83

Third year: 3.94

Fourth year: 3.98

MCAT: 515

Chem: 127 CARS: 129 Bio: 130 Psych: 129

EC: Pretty unique, but not medical related. Not sure how to rank myself on this.

Casper: also no idea how to rank

I am an Ontario resident and applied to Calgary, Alberta, and all the OMSAS ones. Thoughts? Were any of my applications a waste of money? Should I apply to different schools next cycle? Any schools where I have a reasonable chance? 

Thank you!




You have pretty similar stats to me when I applied- 3.73 OMSAS gpa (~3.91-3.92 at most schools with a wGPA) and 514 mcat (127, 129, 127, 131), and I interviewed at Mac and Ottawa. You are very likely to get Western too, and honestly have a pretty open shot everywhere (depending on ECs and CASPer). Good luck! 

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As others have said, definitely a good chance at Western (I hope to see you at interview day next spring! :P) - your MCAT is very similar to mine (126/129/130/128) + your GPA is higher than mine. Do well in the interview and there's a good chance you can get in!

It is probably still a good idea though to still consider a back up plan for next year as nothing is guaranteed. If you are interested in research/any masters programs, definitely apply to those as a back up! 

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