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What kind of profile is required for a student to get an interview at UManitoba Dent?

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Hey, I am currently awaiting November 2017 DAT results and was looking into what kind of DAT score I would need to land an interview at UManitoba; my GPA is 4.1 (4.5 scale). Also, I was looking at the bulletin that was posted on their website and was curious as to how the cutoffs work exactly. Are those minimum DAT and GPA scores of individuals who have interviewed in the past, or are those thresholds required to get an interview?

If anyone has some information on this that would be awesome. Have a nice day. 

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"In order to be considered for an interview, an applicant must demonstrate a minimum DAT average (average of the Reading Comprehension, Biology, Chemistry and PAT scores), as determined by the Committee. In the past three years, the minimum DAT averages for Manitoba applicants were: 18.75 (2017) 18.667 (2016) 18.667 (2015)In the past three years, the minimum DAT averages for out of province applicants were: 22.50 (2017) 22.333 (2016) 22.00 (2015)"

It's thresholds to be considered for an interview (not min. interview avg); same thing applies with gpa

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