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Does Western really consider PAT score for this cycle?

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Hello everyone,

I have finished my master and my undergrad GPA is 88.5%; my DAT scores are as follows: BIO:22- CHM:23- RC:21- PAT:17!!!!!

As it is written on their website, western may consider all sections of DAT including PAT for this application cycle. Do you know how seriously they take into account the PAT score?

PS: I got an interview from western last year, however; I ended up being on the waitlist and didn't get in. My last year DAT scores were BIO:20- CHM:21- RC:20-PAT:19!


Your input is appreciated!


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Hey man, theres no point in worrying about how they will look at your scores. Your scores are your scores so if it doesn't work out this cycle, give them a call and find out what the problem was. If you need to retake the DAT, then take it then. If you happen to get in this cycle then even better!


Good luck man!!! you can do it :D. have faith

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