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Good Evening Everyone!!  Happy Holidays!

I am just wondering how ORPAS calculates your sGPA depending on terms (spring, winter, fall... the full year..?).  I was calculating my sGPA wrong for Occupational Therapy applications.  I am not applying next year but will be applying for 2019 entry.  I am confused about which grades they will take.  I plan on taking alot of courses through Athabasca as my grade in BIOL 235 was NOT good (67%/ 2.3) as i was taking care of some family health issues and it happened to fall almost directly in the middle of my 20 credits.  I have looked through the forums and i am still a little confused about how they decide whether to take the course grade, the individual term average (ex: average of spring) or the whole year average (average of fall, winter, spring of year "X"). 

I know it is a very confusing path as i was on exchange, did courses at AU, was on co-op in the first few years (Winter 2015) and took a personal break to care for a family member. I appreciate anyone's input!  I was very discouraged and almost gave up but decided that i wanted to try as hard as i can to get in because i will always wonder "what if i had tried harder" if not.  With the BIOL 235 my average is above 3.7 but way too close for comfort for me.  All of my other grades are 3.7-4.0 but the way that the calculation happens drops it into a 3.74 or so.  Therefore i wanted to try to upgrade my sGPA as i have to wait to apply until next year anyways because my degree won't be completed by June 2018 due to my practicum.

Anyways i am just wondering....

1.  What courses would they be calculating for the 20?  I was planning on taking enough that it knocks out that BIOL 235 completely as it is worth 1.0.  Would they still be taking that even though i have 20 in full semesters counting back to the S17 semester ?  I had taken a leave of absence (not documented, just didn't take courses) fall/ winter of the Fall 2016/ Winter 2017 semester except for BIOL 235 which started in May 2016. 

2.  I started BIOL 235 in May 2016 and the Contract ended in May 2017.  Would it count as Spring 2016 or Spring 2017? 

3.  Do Grad Universities care if you took Athabasca courses and therefore take other courses from before?  Are there any courses that they WONT take?

4.  Do the Grad universities care about course levels (ex: 100, 200 not taken over 300 level?)

Notes: The red font courses were taken on exchange and BIOL 235 was taken at Athabasca (all passed, but exchange courses just say "pass" on my University Transcript).  The other courses down below are what i have planned.  I am doing my final internship of 560 hours at my school in Fall 2018 but it won't count towards my marks as it is a practicum. 

Thanks guys!! 





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