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This is a little different question:

I am thinking to do complete a BDS as my undergrad instead of a science undergrad before applying for a DDS program in Canada/US. Is there any problems I would face in doing so? Will I have to go through extra license exams and processes? 

So it would be 5 years of a BDS and doing the DAT then 4 years of a DDS then licensing exam 

The reason I'm thinking to do a BDS undergrad instead of a science undergrad is because with a BDS degree I can still find employment with better pay outside of US/Canada compared to a job with my science degree anywhere is the world. (This is my backup, because I don't feel like a science degree would be a good backup)

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If you have a BDS then you may as well apply for a 2-3 year qualifying program in Canada or the US to obtain your DDS/DMD. 

However, the competition for those spots is as high (or higher) than for the 4-year programs.  

I think most people with experience would tell you that the easiest way to get into dental school in Canada/US is the traditional route.  Have great grades and be willing to spend a boatload of money!

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It seems like your plan is dedicated to practise in US in the future!

I know that Australia has both BDS and DDS/DMD schools, and really the type of degree is meaningless. You will be able to practise after graduating with a BDS or DDS. Australia/Ireland has a reciprocal agreement with Canada, so you can graduate with a degree in Australia/Ireland and practice in Canada (after passing NBDE). However, the problem arises when you want to work in US with a degree from Australia/Ireland. This is when you have to apply to US international dental program, which usually takes up to 2 years. 

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