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Hey everyone,

I'm currently an Alberta resident going to school at Arizona State University and set to graduate in Spring 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance. I've recently decided to look into the possibility of applying to med school in Alberta since becoming a doctor is something I've always wanted to do but didn't think possible. I haven't really taken any of the pre-reqs (being a business major and all) and have a 3.81 cGPA. I am at ASU as a D1 athlete which is why i never pursued a science undergraduate, and have one year of eligibility left after this to potentially knock off some pre-reqs or get some clinical or research experience. I've heard some schools like U of C and U of A don't require pre-reqs. I haven't written the MCAT but feel I could achieve an average or slightly above average grade if I studied hard for it. On top of that, I feel overall I have a pretty good resume considering extracurriculars serving in leadership positions on sports teams but no clinical or research experience. I would just like to get some thoughts on whether I even have a chance at getting into med school in Alberta and what I need to do to improve my chances. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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12 minutes ago, Hopelessmed said:

The first thing you should look into is that you may be considered an international applicant or a non-Albertan applicant because your situation is quite unique. You didn't live in Alberta for a full year and also, I'm not sure how they would look at an international transcript. 

1) If you've lived in AB for high school and then gone straight to the US for undergrad with no breaks (or, any breaks taken were spent in AB / short-term traveling outside of AB) you're generally considered Albertan.

2) US transcripts are assessed just as Canadian transcripts would be. An A is an A is an A.

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Research experience isn't necessary. The strength of your application is likely that you aren't the typical science student with the research mindset, so you shouldn't worry about that. Plus, you don't have a background related to biomedical research, so the chances of a professor taking you on as a student are slim to none regardless. 

As far as clinical experience goes, you won't be able to get any because you don't have any skills or qualifications that are clinically relevant (i.e. nurses, or perhaps someone who conducted clinical research in their MSc/PhD). Things like volunteering at a hospital or shadowing a doctor are not clinical experience, so it stands to reason that the vast majority of applicants have none either.

Just do well on the MCAT and keep improving your ECs and you will have a good shot.

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