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Second bachelor option for med school - success stories

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Hello Everyone,

I guess you've seen this kind of posts a lot here, but I'm wondering if any of you has succeeded in getting to med school in Quebec ( especially McGill med) after doing a second bachelor degree because he/she had a low GPA in the first degree. I'm looking mainly for success stories and some details on how to do that.

Thanks, guys!

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Hey - I'm not from Quebec, but I am currently completing my BSc (anticipated grad: April 2018) after originally completing my BA in psychology in 2013 with a less than ideal GPA. My science GPA is 4.1/4.33 compared to 3.5/4.3 in my arts degree. 

I've applied to four Western Canadian schools and have two interviews so far this cycle! :) Even if I don't get in this cycle, the fact that I have these interviews is amazing and really reassured me that I did make the right (albeit lengthy) choice. 

Hopefully someone from Quebec will have more advice for you and not just a (so far so good) success story. Best of luck with whatever you decide!

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1 hour ago, MDhopetobe said:

thank you guys :) 

any ideas for a good program as a second undergrad, I did biology at Concordia before and I had 3.5/4.3 . 

Good luck everyone 

Go to Concordia again, do the Specialty Program in Exercise Science, be a straight A student by studying and working hard (the material is not difficult but very voluminous) and you will likely get into one of the Quebec medical schools as those who have followed this path have done. Read all the posts in the. Slow ghread:

OP, same advice to you.

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