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apply to med in your thirties?

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Yes - applied and was accepted in my late 30s...  I went back to UG for two years before I was accepted (first application cycle).  It definitely can be done - there are others who went back I know with kids, but clearly it means their hands are full.  I'd say it also depends on what's needed to be competitive - if it's limited to writing the MCAT, then it's feasible.  If it's necessary to go back to UG and leave a career to be competitive, then it might need to be weighed out a little more carefully in your situation.  For me, it's been overall a good decision, although I'm studying in a French environment as a non-francophone which has meant quite a bit of adjustment, to put it mildly.  There's a high level of debt that will need to be taken on, however the renumeration is such that it can be paid back, but it will definitely be a lifestyle adjustment in terms of being a student again.  It may mean working to a later age, or it will it in my case certainly.  It's a minimum 6 year training, up to 9-10 years, although residency is paid.  I suppose children never really worked out for me for various reasons and in my current situation there's no way I could handle a family, but possibly later.. 

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In at 35 after going back for additional undergrad for a few years before being accepted. I've often reflected on whether I would do the whole thing again. It was a very, very difficult period of time. It was also a realistic possibility that I would never gain acceptance--getting into med school in Canada is quite difficult. I'm not sure I would undertake the process again, but I'm very happy to be in medicine. I love it just about every day. It does require a lot of sacrifice and the expectations are pretty unrealistic. Especially if you have a family already. I would just say, know what you're getting yourself into before taking the leap. 

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I had two kids when I started undergrad, and now have three and am in my last few months of med school. (CaRMSing it up right now.) 

Honestly, while everything *thinks* I'm super busy and run ragged constantly, I'm not. It really hasn't been as horrific as everyone seems to think it is. I've had my moments and there have certainly been a few days here and there where things have been wild, but on the whole, adulting while med studenting has not been awful. Being a mom first meant I had great time management and prioritization skills before I became a post-secondary student and that has meant that I've really kept school in perspective. While I've most definitely had some less than optimal periods, particularly during my surgery and internal med rotations, even clerkship has on the whole just been really fun and a great experience.

Truthfully, I think the fact that I'm at McMaster has been a big element of that because preclerkship was just so low-stress and the program really does allow us to learn in ways that work for us. It also helps that I have probably the world's most supportive husband, and classmates who have been very tolerant of me bringing my son with me to academic days when he's needed to not be at school.

This has been one of the most worthwhile things I have done in my life and I'm quite honestly glad every day that I decided to follow my lifelong dream. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. 

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