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Calgary Interview Invites/Regrets 2018

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Interview Date: Feb 25th 
Result: Invite 
wGPA: 3.95
MCAT: 125 CARS (my lowest section)
ECs: personal stories, 3 years of hospital volunteering, research (few pubs) & RA work, club involvement, coaching, TAing, international scholars conference.
Year: 4th year BSc
Geography: IP
Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Interview Date: March 4 afternoon
Result: Invite!
wGPA: 3.52
MCAT: 126 CARS!!!
ECs: Lots of meaningful and personal life experiences- not all academic stuff. Lots of leadership and volunteer and research experiences + great accomplishments in music and sports. I have one first author publication. I spent lots of time on my top 10s- tried to be concise and clear and my writing generally had a good flow. I honestly think my top 10s got me an interview!! I'm still shocked and extremely happy that I got a chance to interview.
Year: BSc complete, Second year MSc
Geography : IP
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Interview date: 25 Feb 18                                  

Result: Invite

Wgpa: 3.81


EC's: extensive work experience in healthcare including international opportunities, varsity athlete, some research. Strongest part of my application.

Year: completed BSc (2007), MSc (2009); physiotherapist for past 9 years.

Geography: IP

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On 1/28/2018 at 1:30 AM, psychsohard said:

All I can say is that I've spent the last week in complete shock that I actually got an invite. I thought with my extremely low wGPA that there was no chance in the world. For anyone with low stats feeling a bit hopeless about applications - don't give up!! Do everything you can to improve your stats, and beyond that use the rest of your application to your advantage. This was my first app cycle and I truly believe I got an interview because of my subjective "life experience" and the things I included in my Top 10.

This is inspiring. Thank you. 

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