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Longtime lurker here but figured I'd get some input from the community.

I'm a fighter pilot interested in possibly pursuing medicine in the future. I'm extremely fortunate to currently have my dream job but I know I can't do this forever and am looking for new challenges. I think my extracurricular/professional background might be of interest to admissions committees; however I do not think my academic profile meets the standard required for Canadian schools.

  • Undergrad: BSc - 3.0GPA (non-life sciences, could have been way better for many reasons)
  • Grad: M.S. -  course based, 4.0GPA 

Obviously a second undergrad would help with the low ugrad GPA but it would be challenging to put that much more time/money in as my full time job is already very demanding.  I am definitely able to handle taking a few prerequisite courses but another 3-4 years of school while working is probably not feasible.  

Any thoughts on whether I stand a realistic chance? Or ideas on how I could improve my chances?


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For practical purposes, your M.S. does not help you and your BSc GPA tosses you out of the running, notwithstanding that you otherwise have a good profile. It is all up to you - with no shortcuts. You probably would need 2 years full time for a 2nd undergrad degree, where you need to have a competitive GPA, i.e., minimum 3.8 but realistically higher. Taking a few prerequisites is the equivalent of spitting in the wind. If you are serious, you need to treat this like a combat mission and prioritize what is important, i.e., attaining a 2nd undergrad degree with a competitive GPA, ideally on a fulltime basis, but regardless, you need a high GPA. It would be nice if you could accomplish this by distance courses, however, you would have to see if the med schools would accept this. Otherwise, keep doing what you are doing, and one day, start fulltime studies for another undergrad degree of interest and give it all you got. All it takes is motivation, a plan, perseverance, time and money - while dealing with relationships, etc and life. Age is not, should not be a factor, if you will be 35, 40, 45 or older when you embark upon this marathon challenge. You have the smarts, a solid background and create the opportunity for yourself in the future. We only go through life once and you should do that which will make you feel fulfilled in your second career! Good luck. :P

I just sent you a Private Message.

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