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This is what University of Alberta told me. 


As per the instructions listed on our website, and in the department checklists document that you should have downloaded from your application, you are issued your application ID AFTER you submit and pay for your application.  
In order to submit your application you only need to upload your transcirpts, all other supporting documents can be uploaded after you submit your application up to the January 31st deadline.
If you do not have your final transcript you may upload what you have in order to allow you to submit your application.  You will then be required to replace these documents with your final transcipts by the January 31st deadline. Failure to upload all required documents by the deadline will mean your application is incomplete and will not be considered. 
Please note, once you have submitted and paid for your application you will need to log into the application system under the applicant portal not existing users.  If you do not log in under applicant portal you will not be able to upload documents.  this is all explained in a email that you will receive after you submit and pay for  your application. 
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Sorry, I should've mentioned that I already submitted my application. I figured it out! In the email you get from U of A after submitting it says to login to the portal with your CCID but it's the actually the same id you create at the beginning. Once you login to the portal the application ID is on the portal.

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Hmm weird. It asked for my id number when I signed up for the test (same date). Using the drop down menus to select U of A and then it asked for my id number. 

On the U of A website under application requirements it says: CASPer Testing is external to the University of Alberta application system, and requires a University of Alberta Application ID.  Students are required to first submit their OT application (to generate their Application ID, this number starts with 160), then register for a CASPer test in January. 

On the CASPer website when I go to my profile then ID's it lists my U of A id number there. So maybe if you haven't added it you can add it there?

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