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What happened to the interview invite thread?

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Yeah threads don't normally disappear according to the rules...

6) If you start a thread or make an account it is permanent

Once you've posted on the site or made an account, it’s there forever. We do not delete threads or accounts except in extreme cases. Even if we do remove a thread/account that you may regret posting, everything which is deleted is permanently cataloged and available to the moderators.


I guess it was an extreme case?


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8 minutes ago, ketchupchips said:

@rmorelan so was it deleted because it was an extreme case? 

honestly I have no idea. There is no logical reason to delete one of the most important threads that we have on the forum

I mean a major point of the forum is to both celebrate success of invites/acceptances while providing information on the sort of stats/EC etc that make the cut.


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7 hours ago, samc5 said:

Is there anyways to bring it back?

it truly deleted then no - the forum software for some reason doesn't have that option - which is why I usually hide rather than delete things in case I made a mistake. 

I have asked all the moderators for some insight into what happened. 

If it was moved by mistake and I can find it I will put it back

if not found very quickly we need to create a new one to restore what we can. 

in any case I have to apologize on behalf of the forum - we are here to help, not to destroy useful information

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5 hours ago, IMislove said:

I mean that thread had a TON of discussion, where interview threads are meant to be just stats. In the past there wasn't THAT much discussion on it. Just my 2 cents.

Sure - we usually just go through them and delete the discussion points etc. I suppose if someone thought it was all discussion they might have removed it. 

In any case we will have to create a new one and protect it. Ideally the system would allow us to prevent deletion by mistake of critical threads. Or simply never delete but only hide things from view. 

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