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Does anyone have any information on this residency at UBC? Im wondering if upon graduation, would you work primarily in hospital, private practice etc? Are you able to perform general dentistry after completing a residency like this? Is there tuition? I notice a stipend given for each year of the 4 year residency, so Im assuming that means theres no tuition. How many residents do they take per year? I have considered emailing the dental college at UBC, but on their website it has directory for all the specialty programs (endo, ortho etc), and the masters/ PhD programs, but nothing about where to email concerning this post-grad residency program, so I decided to ask here.

Thanks in advance. 

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I would just call the graduate studies main line:

Admissions – MSc/PhD
Tel: (604) 822-9726 / (604) 822-7566

That said, there aren't a lot of oral pathologists in general, and not a lot of programs. In my experience most oral pathologists are still in private practice. In Toronto at least, a lot of them work in conjunction with oral surgery group practices, where most GPs will refer pathology in the first place. I don't know of any oral pathologists who have their own pathology-focused practice; I would think there just isn't the demand. I do know some have hospital privileges, but I highly doubt this takes up the majority of their time--there just isn't enough oral pathology that presents in hospitals to warrant full-time staffing of an oral pathologist, especially because regular medical pathologists can probably cover some of the need as long as there's an oral surgeon, ENT or some other surgical specialty to perform biopsies (only because I can imagine it more difficult for an oral pathologist to gain any sort of OR time; in private practice I'm sure they do a lot more surgical stuff).

All of the oral pathologists I know also teach; there is a definite academic/research slant to the field.

I believe you can practice general dentistry still as an oral pathologist but I'm not sure how'd you split it up and whether it would be worth it for you to do both. Seems to me that if you decide to become an oral pathologist you should really be invested in it fully.


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