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When are interview invites/rejections coming out?

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Look on the bright side: nobody got rejected on Valentine's day

Yeah....and while you have them on the phone maybe ask if they are sending out invites today?

I've been refreshing my gmail and stress eating constantly for 3 days 

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5 hours ago, Comprehensible said:

Alberta and Saskatchewan have booked their interviews on the same day. Most of the schools managed to avoid this, but I guess it was inevitable that there would be some overlap.

Hoping to hear back soon so I can make a decision.

They are on the same weekend - still possible to make both!

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3 minutes ago, adhominem said:

I'm guessing it has to do with the fact they update GPA with transcripts due Feb 1st.. They don't work weekends so they probably started the updating process on Friday the 2nd and didn't continue again until yesterday.

Last week they specifically told me on the phone that the GPAs would not get updated with first semester marks since it would take way too long.

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