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When are interview invites/rejections coming out?

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Look on the bright side: nobody got rejected on Valentine's day

Yeah....and while you have them on the phone maybe ask if they are sending out invites today?

I've been refreshing my gmail and stress eating constantly for 3 days 

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18 minutes ago, hohoho said:

Newest notification:


Interview Notifications: Update #2

We're having technical issues on our end. Please be patient with us as we must sort this out before we can schedule interviews.

I would think this probably means the decisions have been made but their program that slots people for interview times is having the technical difficulty. I'd put money on the interviews coming out before 2 today (please dont take me up on that haha)

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4 hours ago, Livinalberta said:

I understand that Admissions is having difficulties.  However, if they could post more updates on their IMPORTANT NOTICES page, I feel everyone would not be stress refreshing!  Just a thought!:rolleyes:

Or more accurate updates, instead of inaccurate ones that leave us disappointed . 

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