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Any resources to help stay current

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Hey guys,

As I'm preparing for my Med interview, I was wondering if anyone had any good resources or websites that would help me brush up on current events. I'm more so looking for resources that would also focus on highlights that happened during the year 2016-2017, as I'm pretty sure scenarios for this 2018 cycle have been based on hot topics that occurred during those years.


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I have always found the best way to stay up to date is to read the newspaper, or rather today’s equivalent, the websites of major news organizations. Personally, I tend to like the balance of coverage in the CBC, Globe and Mail, and BBC North America section. If you want medicine specific topics, look under the health sections. I also like to read some special interest magazines and listen to some podcasts (mostly science / tech focused), like Scientific American and Wired, This American Life, Quirks and Quarks, Spark, Saw Bones, etc., that cover different facets of current events or popular topics in the news.

I would say anything that is likely to come up as a ‘hot’ topic is likely to still be hot now, so I don’t know that you need to look all that far back. For example, the Globe and Mail has had numerous articles on medically-assisted dying in the last couple weeks - it was important in 2016, and it’s still a big issue. 

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Wonderful websites/Resources to look up:

- CBC: Health Section

-White Coat Black Art

- The National


Topics to be familiar with:

1. Pharmacare

2. Marijuana Legalization

3. Physician Assisted Suicide

4. Medical Futility

5. Genetic Testing

6. Pt Rights

7. Medical Technology

8. Women's Right under Trump's government

9.  Organization of Health Care in Canada

10. Privatization/ Canada Health Care Act

11. Pharmaceutical Biases

12. Refugees Health Care needs

13. Aboriginal Issues + missing indigenous women.

14. Physician Renumeration

15. Medical Education Issues: Cuts to medical education, MD/Phd programs, Competency based assessments.

16. Vaccinations.

17. Organ Donation

18. Social Media

If I think of more topics, I will update the list :)

Best of Luck :)

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