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2018 UofT Dent accepted/waitlisted/rejected

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Accepted woohoooooo!! OOP AA 21 PAT 19 3.93 Went with a very relaxed approach to the interview and it must have really helped. This was my third year of applying, and all I can say

Waitlist moved 2 spots 

19 hours ago, arkragon said:

GPA: 3.71 (couldn't drop year with lowest GPA because it was my 4th year and even then I'd have a 3.8 GPA tops)

DAT (AA/RC): 26/20

Interview (self-perceived performance): It generally went smoothly and well. I wasn't particularly nervous, but I was relatively calm. I was glad I was able to insert personal experiences into my answers. Looking back, I definitely could've improved certain aspects of my responses, but I came out of the whole process feeling good overall.

It's my first time applying and it also looks like I'm going to bring the acceptance average down. Hahaha.

Accepted/rejected/waitlisted: Accepted


Damn dude. you got me beat with the lowest GPA: 3.78. Don't worry thoughhh we BOTH brought down the average this cycle.


DAT AA-24 PAT-17


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18 hours ago, NasusMain said:

Accepted :P

gpa: 3.93

DAT: 25/22/20 (AA/RC/PAT)

Interview: I felt really good about it. This was my first ever dental school application/interview so did not know what to expect. It went smoothly however, just have to be yourself and be positive throughout! 


Now time to enjoy this summer before dental school haha

Enjoy it by climbing to Challenger. 

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