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Hi all,

I know that it is a rather anxious time for those waiting to still hear back from UofT (I'm in the same boat), but in planning for my next steps, I was wondering if there is an appreciable difference between an applicant with a 3.90 GPA and another with a 3.95+ GPA. My GPA as it stands is a 3.90 and I'm wondering if this is holding my application back in any way as I do believe my ECs are fine from speaking to a career adviser and a friend who is in medical school. Thanks!

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I remember hearing GPA is assessed competitively so higher GPA is probably always better.

However what i've heard from students part of the admissions process is that above 3.8 there isn't a HUGE difference.. I think they probably use it as a tie-breaker or something if 2 candidates had almost identical scores everywhere else perhaps? Just my 2 cents

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