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Countdown to decisions [doomsday]

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I am in the MDCM/PhD pool, but I got my acceptance today! Good luck to all!  

Ladies and gentlemen, within 24 hours we will all know our fate: acceptance, rejection, or purgatory. Thanks to everyone that joined in for my memes and antics. I apologize if I induced anxiety for an

I tend to try to have a very critical and realistic approach towards my application. I feel confident about myself, very proud of what I presented and wouldn't change anything in my interview perfor

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28 minutes ago, adri27 said:

Not to be a buzzkill but this is Step 1 in a 20 step process. If you go look at the CARMS threads the residency match is far from "set for life"

To be fair, this is not step 1. This is step 100000000. Every EC and grade and the application, and my previous rejections were steps towards this dream that will hopefully culminate in an acceptance. Once in, it's really hard to flunk out of med school, not to say it won't be a challenging four years. The only real hurdle after is, as you've said, matching. According to the CaRMS website, the match rate for CMGs in 2017 was 96.5%. It's not perfect, and many don't match to their #1 specialty and location. BUT considering that you have job security after for life unlike in many other professions, and I'll be doing what I love, I'm happy with it. This is my dream, I'm not about to start complaining before the real journey even begins. I guess I'm just an optimist. 

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