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For content review for the MCAT is the 10th edition of ExamKrackers sufficient for all books?

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I am preparing for my upcoming MCAT test date this summer on August 25, 2018. I have taken all pre-requisite courses (biochemistry, general physics, general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, psychology) except sociology. I also am graduating with a bachelors of science majoring in the biological sciences. 

I was wondering, would the 10th edition of ExamKrackers be sufficient for content review? Or will certain books need supplement? I have heard possibly that the biochemistry and psychology and sociology books are lacking (but only for the 9th) not much on the 10th edition. I was thinking of supplementing with Kaplan biochemistry and Khan Academy psychology and sociology 100pg document. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

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I agree that those 2 sections are severely lacking, for someone who is weak in those topics. I had the examkrackers 10th ed and supplemented psychology with any random resources online, while for biochem I already had the background knowledge so focused on practice questions from various sources. 

I think the content you have so far sounds like a good plan, get through that first and if you find you're still feeling unprepared you can branch out to student notes online. 

My own MCAT was easy with the sociology and I hadn't taken it either but found it no problem. I think it's generally very common sense. 

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