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I've heard through people who wrote the DAT at Dalhouise in February that the invites will be released on March 8th or 9th!  So hopefully very soon.  Good luck  

No interview OOP 3.83 gpa (last 3 years) 4.13 (higher science courses) 21, 23, 19 ( DAT AA, TS, PAT) Also, I saw that some Americans got accepted to Dal with really low gpas..I recall so

June 6th for acceptances? I heard the 18th.. Really hoping you’re right I feel like we’re never going to find out

4 minutes ago, nerdatwork said:

For all you guys who got invites, were you IP or OOP? Stats?


GPA: 3.89

DAT: 21 RC 20 PAT 20AA

ECs: A lot of volunteering and fundraising. Plus various other ECs totaling approx. 30 hours or more per week. Some shadowing experience. 

First time applying 

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