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McGill DMD 2018- Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted

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Just called and asked, she is soooo nice... she said they will be released today, in the morning and in the afternoon. She said the chair will call those who have been admitted... 

hey there, congratz, u must be so happy right now! Would u mind sharing the first letter of ur last name, that might possibly give the rest of us here a better understanding of where the dean mig

FYI, i just called McGill and they said that decisions are being sent out in 3 batches: monday, tuesday and wednesday. So all of u who already heard back from them, ur very lucky. Some of us here are

1 minute ago, FiftyshadesofMD said:

I think you’re referring to the movement of the wl ? Or is it something I might be missing ?  

Well the site says to learn your position on the WL, so thought they would list a number. Maybe they’ll put it in once they actually open the list. This will probably be because some people may decline the WL if they got accepted elsewhere, and then the final WL is made.

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Just now, sa9o said:

Could it be simply that we are not getting responses today?? Maybe they are going to release the answers on the 28th?? I am just confused what is happening exactly hahah

hahahahahah thats exactly how im felling right now! like why is it that some have heard back while others havent?? plus, the office is closed so they're most likely done changing applicants' status for today. There should honestly be a better system for this...

i still havent heard anything from them :( 

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