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Have anyone's verifiers been checked yet?

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37 minutes ago, sw604 said:

I am also surprised. I assumed they started that in February and March. There are only ~4.5 weeks remaining before offers are sent out. 

If they are efficient with it there might not be that many people to contact. For instance, for repeat-applicants they might forgoe contacting verifiers that have been previously contacted. In the past they also took a different approach than U of A, which sends emails to all your verifiers, and just randomly contacted verifiers for activities that they wanted to confirm. But it will be exciting once we hear that they have started because at least then we know we are nearing D-day.

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3 hours ago, Borborygmi said:

Verification is random. Many people may never have their verifiers contacted; mine weren't. Not to worry :). Best of luck!

Did you apply and interview just the one time? Wondering at this point if that makes a difference - if they have already contacted someone's verifiers in a previous year, perhaps they would not in subsequent years. If you only applied once, that would ease some anxiety on this end! :)

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@sp4168 It really doesn't matter. Like I said, it's completely random. You may or may not have verifiers checked and whether you have or have not interviewed or applied in the past would have no bearing on verifier checks or chances. I'm sure Dr. Walker would have stated these things in his pre-/post-amble. He's a fantastic guy and works very hard to make the process as level a playing field for everyone as it can be.

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54 minutes ago, indi said:

On their timeline it says "early May" plus Ontario schools send out decisions May 8 so they may try to coordinate roughly  

yaah but calgary starts a lot earlier than ont schools, so they sometimes release decisions earlier to give people time to sort life out and stuff.... anyways itll happen when it happens i guess


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Ok....I was going to stay away until The beginning of May!  But it seems like there is a little action around here.  Here is a quote from Dr. Walker's blog :)

"We never commit to anything firmly, since there are too many factors that can come into play. That said, I suspect it will be before the end of the first week of May. I will also say that we will not sit on the decision unnecessarily. In other words, when we are ready to make offers, we will make them."

U of C was early with their interview invites....maybe they will be early with their Admissions! :unsure::)

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