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USask Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected 2018

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Thought id create an actual post as the acceptances went out today. Congratulations to everyone accepted, and to those on the waitlist, goodluck!

Hey guys i got accepted off the IP top third waitlist around mid April. But I will be rejecting my seat on Monday for medicine.  Best of luck!

Just letting you guys know I have just officially pressed the 'decline' button. I don't know how fast these things work but one IP will be getting their acceptance soon!!!!

1 hour ago, Dent25 said:

I am assuming only 1-2 IP got invites today as there are 2 of you in the upper third posting who have not yet received invites. I emailed today and I'm still in the middle third so it hasn't moved much.. 

I believe it has only moved 1 spots IP and 1 spots OOP. I'm in the upper third and still waiting too. There will be lots of movement once medicine releases their results! :)

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14 minutes ago, Dent25 said:

I hope you're right!! Going a little crazy over here..


50 minutes ago, Basc72 said:

yeah, my bud’s friend rejected sask today in favour of western which i guess opened the spot to me on the OOP waitlist

IP moved at least 2 spot because I already know 2 people declined for U of T dentistry.But you are right i think it move alot after may because other school release their result and also medicine will release the result as well.

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