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You're right that the MCAT has moved away from heavy physics recently. I'd say if you did so well in high school physics, you have a good grasp on the concepts and it doesn't get much harder in university. So if you wanted to self study I think you can do it, but also since you would likely do well in uni physics, why don't you take it as part of your review? Most med schools don't require you take physics but Mcgill does for instance, in case you wanted to apply there 

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On 4/19/2018 at 2:53 PM, neatmonster said:

I am going to be choosing my courses for uni, and I'm not sure whether I should take these physics courses to prepare for the MCAT or just self-study physics over the summer and replace these courses with some bird courses. I've finished Alberta physics in high school with a pretty high mark (97%) and I know the physics on the MCAT is pretty easy, but I want to make sure I'm covered without ruining my GPA for no reason. Should I just take physics 221 or both or none?

Physics 221       Mechanics
Introductory Newtonian particle mechanics and rigid bodies in rotational equilibrium: Kinematics, Newton's laws, conservation of momentum and mechanical energy.
Physics 223       Introductory Electromagnetism, and Thermal Physics
Electrical forces and energy. Static electric fields due to point charges. Parallel-plate capacitor. Simple DC circuits. Lorentz force. Static magnetic fields generated by electric currents. Electromagnetic induction. Gas Laws; kinetic theory of gases; temperature, thermal energy, specific heat; energy transfer; laws of thermodynamics; PVT diagrams.

I also did Alberta physics and finished with a similar mark! I did two 100 level physics classes at the U of A that were not calculus-based. Anything you take that is calculus-based will be far beyond the scope of the MCAT. In hindsight, grinding through 2 physics courses to help me answer a couple of questions (at most) on the MCAT wasn't really worth it. Good MCAT books/MCAT prep course/practice will be more than sufficient for any MCAT physics questions. I know of a number of people that did well on the C/P section without having any university physics.

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