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How many classes does U of S require you take per semester?

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I am a Saskatchewan resident and I am starting undergrad in september. I am currently a Paramedic and looking to further my education into medical school but unsure on the number of classes U of S requires you to take per semester, also I am unsure of if U of S requires that you take any science prereqs? I applied to the Faculty of Kinesiology figuring its the only thing that interested me if this is a good route to go? I will take as much advice that you guys can give me!

Thanks in advance!

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22 hours ago, Bambi said:

Yes, it is a good route to go, all the more so as you are passionate about this program. I did the same. :P  


15 hours ago, wannabdoctor said:

U of S doesn't have a defined number of classes that you need to take per semester as long as you complete your degree in a specified amount of time (5 years i think it is). Kinesiology is definitely a good route, make sure to study up on your biochemistry for MCAT though.

Awesome! Thank you for the info!

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