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I'm going to share a story about one of my buddies in the first year class at U of T. This person applied 3 times and was waitlisted the first two times (and never got off the waitlist as the waitlist

UofT WL has officially moved 12 spots!! Good luck to all!!

Thought maybe I could start this post so that when people get accepted off the waitlist, they can update here for all those other still waiting relentlessly. I think it could be rather easing and quit

15 hours ago, krownxo said:

Does calling admissions to ask any helpful? Just wondering if they give out any info. regarding the movement...

nope. they don't give out any information apart from the email about whether you are high, normal, or low wait list. but they only make calls during office hours (830-430, Mon-Fri). hopefully this means we can finally relax after 430/on weekends :blink:

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On 5/25/2018 at 1:48 PM, bardownbingo said:

How about for Western? I think it's only moved like 3 or 4 spots so far... is that normal for this point of the cycle?

P.S. Does anyone know when the deposit for Schulich is due? Maybe that would spark a bit of movement? I dunno :/ 

No, it has actually moved quite a bit, not sure exactly how many, but my guestimate would be around 10 spots. 

The deposit was due June 1st. 

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