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Hey, I was just waitlisted in the CNFS stream and I am aware that because of the same size of the pool the waitlist does not move much. I was wondering if anyone who was accepted in the CNFS stream are thinking of rejecting the offer for another school?


Thanks and congrats to those who were accepted!

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Just now, Oro said:

I'm not sure, I got the exact same thing as you (saw that you posted in another thread). Maybe because the waitlist typically doesn't move much there is no good/bad, I'm not sure.


I know two other people who got the same, so maybe there's no bad waitlist? It would be nice to know so I can move on for the summer lol

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1 hour ago, Med_Hopeful2018 said:

I was also waitlisted for CNFS! I had the same email as you did. 

Does anybody know how many CNFS interviews they did? I’m guessing they waitlist everyone that interviewed since I haven’t heard of a rejection in that stream. 

Ottawa doesn't reject people, they're all on a waitlist. The "rejection" is most likely those who receive "..it is unlikely to receive an offer".  

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