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ACCEPTED OFF THE Wait LIST OMFG FRIGGGG YESSSSS IVE WAITED 5 long OMSAS cycles for this shit yeaaaaaaasss. Thank you everyone for the support and memes. Will edit later.

I got in!!!!

ACCEPTED OFF THE WAITLIST OMG. surreal, I'm shaking May 22; 11:07am PST

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3 hours ago, Aetherus said:

4 years ago, someone got off the waitlist during O-week. Although the chances get progressively slimmer as the summer goes on, until you get the rejection you are still in the running. Remain hopeful but try to move on and assume you didn’t get in. That way you aren’t as shook if things don’t work out.

i feel like this is the false hope that's detrimental to my mental health :'(

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18 minutes ago, InternistInTraining said:

congrats @Egg_McMuffin and @sadstrawberry 

the waitlist moved big time this year. It seems like almost everyone here but me and @2hopeful didnt get off lol

And moi. :) 

Another week of waiting. 

I’m glad Rebecca said in the email that when the class is full she’ll send an email out though. Previous years just heard nothing back 

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