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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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I just got an offer from the OOP waitlist! Will be accepting when I get home from work. Good luck to all those still waiting - I was in your shoes last year. It's hard to be in limbo, so take care and

Accepted Ip dGPA 83.7

Update: Status: Accepted (From 1st quartile of waitlist) - Regina (second choice) Time Stamp: May 26, 2020 - 2:37 PM GPA: low 80s MCAT Score: 504 Location: IP Degree: 2 x

Accepted, IP


GPA: ~88% (converted from U of A)

MCAT: 35

Interview: felt great, had fun, only one station felt a bit weak


I'm in a lucky situation since I grew up in Sask but studied at the U of A I got to apply to three schools (Alberta, Calgary, sask) as IP. I've been accepted at the U of A and will be declining my U of S offer. Best of luck to those on the wait list!

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Location: IP


Status: Accepted - Saskatoon (Preferred Site)


GPA ~93%


I was accepted in Ontario earlier this week as well, and will likely be declining my offer at U of S in favour of that one. 


Congrats to those accepted! And to those wait listed - don't lose hope as there will be some spots opening up soon!

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Time stamp: May 13 1:24 PM EST


GPA: above cutoff

MCAT: 36 11VR


Interview: Completely bombed two stations, did genuinely great on 2-3, average on the rest. I wasn't sure if I'd even pass the interview given how badly I did on a couple stations but I suppose everything else made up for it. 


I'll probably withdraw once I receive a firm offer from Western.


EDIT: Removed myself from the waitlist for Western.

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Time: ~3pm Mountain Time
GPA: 83%
MCAT: met cutoffs (edit- by this I meant unofficial IP cutoffs, not OOP. I want to post, in case it helps anyone else, that my MCAT was actually pretty low at 502. Thought this would mean a no for me, but goes to show that there's hope with a strong interview.)

Accepted. Incredibly surreal right now.

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