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Counting down the days... Super excited, nervous, and actively trying not to think of what I could have done better in the interview.  It's nerve-wracking to see all of the other people on here going through rejections, and to see that some people are getting in on their 4th, 5th, or 6th tries.  Having said that it's super exciting to think that a good chunk of us will be Med students in 3 days.

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28 minutes ago, Riemann said:

Anyone know what time they start sending emails? And is there any particular order? 

I was creeping back in the forums and it seems like probably early afternoon. I’m not sure about the order, there aren’t many time stamps. 

Im glad I’m a couple hours behind, so will sleep through some of the waiting :) 

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18 minutes ago, Koopatroopa said:

I’m snuggling my dog, enjoying some beer. Hoping that tomorrow’s results come early. 

Hows everyone trying to pass the time tonight?

Sounds like a good plan! I didn't schedule any work tomorrow, so the morning is going to be the longest part of this for me I think.  The last week or so I got back into playing video games for the first time in a few years.  It's been a good distraction since I've had a lot of downtime lately!  Gymnastics with my son tonight though. 

Good luck Koopatroopa! I've seen you post a lot on the forums lately, I'll be rooting for you tomorrow!

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@King74 @Koopatroopa both of you guys srsly good luck! Seen both of u guys a lot on this forum so very excited the day has finally arrived.

For myself I've coincidentally packed my morning with stuff to do; volunteering and then getting a good full body workout in. At around the time were supposed to hear back I'll be tutoring so hopefully all that stuff will help me cope with the weight of the wait.

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