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What are my chances of getting into a Canadian dental school? 

I messed up my grades first and second year; first year GPA: 9.5 (B+) and second year GPA: 10.3 (A-) (based on McMaster 12.0 system)

I have many EC's involving university clubs and events, and will be volunteering at a hospital soon.  I will be writing the DAT this summer as well.

Would getting a 3.9-4.0 in my last two years help me get a chance at dental school or should I do a 5th year to boost my GPA? I was thinking about also applying to american schools but I am not sure if I want to be in $500k + debt. Honestly feeling hopeless at this point.

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You will need to do really well in the last two years and wait a year so that your final year will count toward schools which take only the best two years. Doing a 3rd year will allow you to apply to more schools which drop your worst year.

Those two years so far will not get you in Ontario; maybe the rest of Canada, I'm not up to date with the stats anymore...

Roam around the forums - you will see what people are getting accepted in with... you can get a good sense of the ball park you should be in

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