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UBC is a black box post-interview, so no one really knows. Higher does appear to be better but people do get in with low MCATs. 

Keep in mind that those who report regrets with a high AQ/NAQ/interview and low MCAT may have other flags in their application that are not immediately apparent. Perhaps they had a terrible reference letter, or scored particularly low on one section of the MCAT (e.g. CARS, which some schools weigh higher). Maybe they got red flagged during the interview itself (can really happen to anyone due to nerves, etc. even if you are usually great).

The only people who know for sure are the UBC admissions committee - and it could also change from year to year. Be careful about drawing conclusions from the largely anecdotal data in this forum.

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5 hours ago, Coldery said:

Do these red flags necessarily carry over into future application cycles or does it depend on the severity of the statement? Probably something we won't know either but asking just in case...

Agree that we won't ever know for sure, but I think if you reach the interview stage a red flag is unlikely to have been carried over. Just seems silly to interview someone you know you are not going to admit.

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