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I am an in-province applicant (non-rural) with a 513 MCAT score and a 3.88 agpa. What are my chances? Should I retake the MCAT? Take extra courses to improve gpa (would increase only slightly). I know a masters degree doesn't help with the gpa but I am seriously considering it. Would that help? 

If I don't get in even after my masters, would it be wise to pursue medical school abroad? I fully understand the difficulty of becoming an IMG but if I want to pursue FM, is it worth a shot? 

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Is this your first time applying? If so, I think it doesn’t hurt to try! If you look at the stats of class of 2021, someone with a 3.75 AGPA got in.

They calculate your chances of getting an interview with a weighting of 27.3% AGPA and 72.7% MCAT score. Somehow they do this in a way that accounts for GPAs and MCATs of the entire pool of applicants. It’s likely that the person with the 3.75 GPA had a beyond average MCAT score. (Average was 512 for interviews)

Then luckily after interview, the weighting for their enrolment decisions is 15% AGPA, 40% MCAT, 45% MMI. 

I got an interview this year with a 4.1 AGPA and 513 MCAT. I have completed my MSc and found it hasn’t really helped boost my application for U of M by much since our grades don’t count towards AGPA and UManitoba doesn’t look at your scholarships or research experience like schools in Ontario do. I am approaching two years post-MSc and finally about to have the minimum of 5 first/second author publications required to add the academic coefficient to next year’s application, but I’ve heard it doesn’t count for much. 

I think you should apply! The application is super simple and doesn’t take too much time. It can’t hurt to gauge whether you should boost your mcat score. Plus rejected applicants have the opportunity to talk with an advisor about your application to see where things could be improved. Hope this helps, I’ll update you if I get in this year!

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