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UofA DDS 2022 Acceptance/WL/Rejected Thread

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Sorry for making you guy panic, but thought I should prepare a thread. 


Early acceptances for the UofA DDS 2022 class should be coming out pretty soon. The last couple of years, early admission emails were released on May 18th, but we don't know when for this year.

Just a reminder for anyone who doesn't hear back for early acceptances in May (which is only a short list), the general acceptances/WL/rejections should be released in late June.

I will post a link to our Facebook page after acceptances roll out.

Congratulations to all those who are accepted, we can't wait to meet you all!!



P.S. Feel free to comment DAT, GPA, MMI Score, and Geography with results. This helps future applicants get an idea of where they stand

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4th year 




It’s hard to put the feeling into words. It took 3 years of applying and 2 years of beat-downs from the MMI. To those who don’t get in this year, don’t get too discouraged and keep grinding. It will pay off! And to those who do get accepted, I’m stoked to meet everyone!

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2 hours ago, qwerty2222 said:

Does anyone know if we can drop off our documents rather than mail them? I'm paranoid my documents will get lost in the mail, also it seems senseless to send something by mail to somewhere I could walk to!

5th floor ECHA, take the elevator on south side and the door to the department is as soon as you exit the elevator.

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On 5/30/2018 at 10:11 AM, dentistwannabe22 said:

Hey slightly off topic, but does anyone know how long the early acceptance list is? 

As well, how does the acceptance scores in June look compared to the early acceptance list from previous years?



I think it’s like 13-15 ppl long, still quite a few more to come out in regular admissions, not to mention any waitlist movement. We don’t know exact number forsure though 


check out the 2021 thread for some ppl who left their stats. But overall likely have one of the three criteria no so high and then get regular admissions 

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1 hour ago, Guest1234 said:

Do we have to enroll ourselves in classes, or is that done for us? 

You have to add the courses and enroll yourself on beartracks. Someone will send out an email, closer to the start date, when most of the class list has been finalized, regarding how to enroll and what courses to choose. 

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