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To obtain my biology major and to graduate this year, I have to take either a heredity course or a molecular genetics course but the problem with that is that it conflicts with another required course for biology majors. Other local universities offer this course but the scheduling also conflicts so the only solution to this problem is to take it online but it HAS to have some sort of a laboratory component (online or in person but it has to be local). I have had no luck finding any of the online classes that have online labs so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? 

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1 hour ago, cleanup said:

Pretty sure "lab component" would necessitate a non-online course.

not true. There actually are online courses with lab components that require you to do experiments. I had a friend who did a couple but not sure through which institution. They send you lab kits. Only introductory courses though. I do not know of any that are high level courses. 

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