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What colour backpacks will next year's class carry?

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1 hour ago, IMislove said:

I’d be so happy with hot pink to be honest hahah. For real though. Or bright orange, or lime. Mmmmm bright colours.

Oh no oh no I know those colors are due to be back soon but red is ahead of the line! They are all pretty bold colors but I don't want the pylon color haha. In any case I would predict they're moving away from blue tones

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Based on year of matriculation (thanks to a 2013 thread):

2003 - grey and blue
2004 - bright blue
2005 - dark blue
2006 - grey and blue
2007 - green
2008 - bright blue
2009 - red
2010 - grey
2011 - bright blue
2012 - burgundy
2013 - traffic cone orange
2014 - bright green
2015 - purple
2016 - turquoise
2017 - sapphire blue

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