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Just a little bit about me:

Ontario resident 

WAS planning on applying to UofT and Western... now idk what to do

first year gpa: 2.91/4.0 with 5 credits *hard facepalm* (gpa sucks)

second year gpa: 3.41/4.0 with 4 credits *less hard facepalm* (but still pretty hard because of having only 4 credits and needing 5 for Western and my gpa not being where it needs to be)

going into my third year of studies and planning on writing DAT this November

what should I do?! 

side note: what are some good extracurriculars I can take? 

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29 minutes ago, orgolover said:

Sorry for posting a question here but this could be relevant to original poster too. Does UWO also give importance to MSc students? I have heard that UofT specially look up to MSc grads. Is

it the same thing with UWO too?

Yes they give a “bonus” to your file

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