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Quick Question about Course Load Requirement

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Hi, I'm a student from McGill Bsc. Science about to start my final year of study and I was wondering whether I was eligible for admission with my course history. I navigated this forum and looked for an answer -- and also sent an e-mail to Dalhousie Adcom, but I wasn't able to get a clear-cut answer for my particular situation.

Essentially ,for the last two years of study, I have taken 

Sem 1: 6 courses( 14 credits due to 2 of them being 1 credit courses)

Sem 2: 6 courses (14 credits " ")

Sem 3: 5 courses (16 credits)

Sem 4: 5 courses (15 credits)

This amounts to 59 credits completed over the last two years. My program required me to take the two 1 credit courses in Semester 1 and Semester 2 and lead me to have less than 60 credits after those 2 years of study. I was basically wondering if they were extremely strict on the 60 credit requirement, or if 59 credits would still be acceptable given the fact that the number of courses is consistently 5+ per semester. 


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Normally if you have a legitimate program reason (ie curriculum format) why you can’t meet their credit requirement you submit a letter from your program explaining this, and the adcom decides if it’s a good reason or not. That’s very close to a full course load which works in you favour.

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