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    • Re Aetherus: Point of order, surgery (and certainly opthalmology) is tech heavy, but I would still argue rad onc is tech heaviest. I know when they built McGill’s new hospital the most expensive piece of equipment was their Cyberknife machine. People don’t know we exist or what we do, but a linear accelerator vault equipped to radiosurgery spec (eg sub mm precision) is something to behold. That being said, the tech in medicine in general is super cool, and I love learning about other specialty’s use of modern equipment.
    • Does anyone know when the deadline is for australian/ uk schools? I don't see them on their websites (ie. Brighton). Also, which schools in aus/ uk did you all apply to? 
    • Not sure if this helps, UofT's website states: "Applicants may have completed an appropriate bachelor’s degree with high academic standing from a recognized university at the time of application. Students may also apply in the final year of a four-year degree program, provided that they have fulfilled the prerequisite course requirements. In this case, students must provide proof of completion of the degree requirements no later than June 30, 2022. " If you're in your 4th yr, might be still eligible to apply!
    • Hi! I think you are required to send transcripts from all post-secondary institutions you've attended. On the Orpas transcript page it says "Official transcripts are required for each college, CEGEP, university, junior college, graduate school or other postsecondary institution you attend/have attended/have withdrawn from." Here's a link to ORPAS transcript requirements page: https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/orpas-transcript/ Good luck!! Hopefully they won't account for those grades!
    • Scenario 12 You have just discovered someone selling a test bank for your calculus class on Kijiji. You are struggling in this class, and so this can potentially really help your grade.  Would you purchase the test bank?  Would you report the seller if their identity is not anonymous? If you were one A+ from meeting the GPA requirement to maintain a scholarship that you desperately need, would this change your answer?  For more scenarios, check out PrepMatch.com, where you’ll be able to get feedback on your answers for free. It’s completely free!
    • Exactly. NPs initially were implemented to work ALONGSIDE MDs, but now they can open their own clinics and work independently...not having an MD nearby to help them out when they get over their heads. All this leads to, is more inappropriate lab investigation, more unnecessary specialist referrals etc, aka more costs that are not captured at a surface level.
    • Its not that everyone loves FFS, its that they aren't many good alternative options that are readily available.  IF you want sessional work or salaried work, that is often only available in certain practice style settings (CHCs, marginalized population focused clinics etc) that are only available in big city cores / academic centres.  The newly implemented New to practice contracts in BC, which are salaried, are lackluster - come with lots of strings attached, and pay MDs less than NPs on a per-patient basis. How is that good faith? After the first few years of practice, and once you know your patients alot better, the math makes more sense for FFS where you can more realistically get away with 10 minute appts like you mention.   The other main and arguably biggest benefit of FFS, is the ability to be your own boss and modulate hours worked. Some weeks you can work 7 days a week locuming and have full clinic days, others you can drop down to 3-4 days and half days etc.  Salaried models don't come with this benefit, and many would gladly keep taking the pay cut for FFS (remember, locums dont get all the same chronic care premiums that full-scope family docs get, so it truly is a pay cut for locums not wanting the added responsibilty of being MRP), to maintain this benefit of being truly self-employed. But yet no one says anything about NP salaried contracts, where they arent expected to see patients q10mins to be able to manage their smaller, less complex panel size?  
    • Je suis intéressée aussi! contingente universitaire  
    • I hear urology has alot of innovative tech 
    • Hey @nostacliche do you remember the dates of the the various times we can expect the status to change, based on your experience ?
    • Salut!  l’un de vous si je peux envoyer mon relevé de notes pour ERGo/ Physio dès mtn?  ou je dois nécessairement  le renvoyer encore  une fois que mes notes d’automne actuelles seraient affichées ? Parce que la date limite est en février….  j’ai cherché partout sur le forum, je ne trouve pas de réponse :/  ( j’applique autant qu universitaire + de 45Cr )    merciii , bonne chance à tous!  
    • Depends what type of surgery you are interested in, but Ophthalmology is by far the most tech heavy field in Medicine. Tech is everywhere, both in Surgery and in clinic.
    • I agree with your statement if there were 4 applicants per day as you said. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with you based on the number (your logic is very sound, it just doesn't work with large numbers). there are 1600 quebec resident applicants. and we have estimated that 50% had the test on the last day possible (there is a thread that did a poll on this, I copied the estimates below), . you can see now why the 2 distribution must converge. when you have such large number, you have to converge. it's the law of large numbers. the other thing that could support your claim is the following: people having the test earlier "early birds" tend to have certain psychological characteristics (we can assume they more organized... and what not). people who do it on the last day possible could be assumed to be "less well organized, more keen on delaying the test...etc). these are purely speculative arguments. and if they were to be true. then the two groups would be intrinsically different and that could definitely sway the results in a significant way.   as to the fact that 1st quartile could be not applying. I am aware of that. but I think that ultimately it won't change much to the pre-screening since according to my calculation McGill is pre-screening out the bottom 16% only. (which is half of the 1st quartile, therefore making the first quartile eligible if they have a high enough GPA). but it could definitely be possible that students are screening themselves out! defintely possible (I would screen myself out for Ulaval and Udem, but not for McGill or UdeS  though as these 2 don't rely heavily on the Casper) god I love this investigation we are doing!        
    • Hello everyone! J'ai été verifié aujourd'hui (7 dec)  
    • Some ortho fellowships are 2 years. Plus, I said "at least." There are many new grads doing either 3 fellowships or more commonly 2 fellowships and a MSc/PhD and as you can see that easily puts you in the 8-10 year mark. And you have to also be ok with the job prospects (are you ok with part-time locums anywhere in the country after this extensive training length?). I do not know much about how ortho training translates over to the US so someone can correct me here but I think Canadians can only qualify for certain jobs in the US due to their Visa status?  If you want the cool robotic surgeries + half decent job prospects + slightly shorter training length I don't think anything in medicine fits the bill better for you than urology. 
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