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      Premed topics on Canadian med school admissions. Specific med school topics go below in their respective medical school forums.

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      An area for Canadian medical students to interact and share information.

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      Non-medical discussions go here.

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      Discuss research topics and opportunities here, including NSERC.

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      A forum for non-standard applicants who have taken a less direct pathway to medicine or dentistry. Discussions including applications, family, and career changes.

    6. MCAT Preparation

      Discuss MCAT review courses and strategies for the Medical College Admissions Test.

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      Got a medical school interview? Debates, discussions, and ethical scenarios go here.

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      An area for Canadian dental students to interact and share information.

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      An area for Canadian physiotherapy and occupational therapy students and applicants to interact and share information.

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    1. General Ontario Discussions (OMSAS)

      General Ontario med school topics: eg. tuition, seats, cutoffs, OMSAS applications.

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  4. Quebec Medical Schools

    1. General Quebec Discussions

      General Quebec premed and med school discussions, including CEGEP.

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  7. Resources for Med School, Residencies, and Practising Physicians

    1. Med School Orientation 101

      Incoming med student? Discussion on Orientation topics: eg. financial aid (loans, LOC's), insurance, etc.

    2. The Preclinical Years (Med 1 and 2)

      Doing your basic sciences? Share links on the basic sciences and the USMLE Step 1.

    3. Clerkship Rotations and Electives (Med 3 and 4)

      On the wards? Links for electives, clinical medicine, and the USMLE Step 2 and MCCQE/LMCC Part 1 exams.

    4. CaRMS and CaRMS applications

      Prepping for CaRMS? Discuss strategies for your CV's, LOR's, interviews, etc.

    5. Primary Care Residencies

      Discussions on Family Medicine, Community Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry.

    6. Surgery and Surgical Subspecialty Residencies

      Discussions on General Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic Surgery, Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery, and Urology.

    7. Diagnostics, Imaging, and Therapeutics Residencies

      Discussions on Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology, Pathology and Lab Medicine.

    8. Other Specialty Residencies

      Discussions on Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Medical Genetics, Neurology, and Physiatry.

    9. General Resident Physician Discussions

      An area for Canadian residents to interact and share information. Find physician salaries here.

  8. US and International Medical Schools

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  9. Information Exchange (Book reviews, For Sale, and Housing)

    1. Textbook and Equipment Reviews

      Your Consumer Reports for medical textbooks and equipment.

    2. For Sale/Trade Classifieds

      Your place to sell old premed and medical items (eg. MCAT/DAT supplies, textbooks, etc). No dealers please.

    3. Housing Classifieds

      A venue for finding short and long-term housing for premed and med students.

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    • Je pensais qu’on allait juste utiliser ce forum, mais je ne sais pas s’il y a un autre groupe
    • First of all, I am a 19 year old French student. I just graduated from high school last year and I am on my first year of medical school in the well known French university called La Sorbonne, located in Paris.   Since I can remember my dream was always to become a doctor, but not only that, it was to become one in the US. At the time it seems far fetched and just too far in time to be thinking about it. So I went through high school dealing with personal issues, going through changes but my dream to become a doctor didn’t waver. I graduated from high school, send my application to a French university and got accepted.   What I didn’t know , because I did not do enough researches , is that for someone graduating from a foreign high school, it is quite a challenge to study medical school in the US. I didn’t wait and started googling for some information. I found out that I need a lot of things (requirements , gpa , mcat etc it still unclear to be honest), to build my file in order to apply for premed school. After much thinking , I stopped going to university since I knew that being a doctor in France was never what I wished for.   The reason why I just talked about myself is that I know that it is not and easy path to chose and that it is even harder for someone like who graduated from a foreign high school. So what I wish to learn , I what I need to do, step by step, the requirements I need to full fill , the deadlines for premed schools in the US etc, in order to be accepted.   It is quite a long message but I hope that you will be able to provide me with answers.
    • Just received it around 10:30the  this morning! May have check spam folder
    • Bonjour, je veux connaître mes chances honnêtement pour la médecine avant d’appliquer l’an prochain. 1 an bac en physiothérapie 2018 à udes :  gpa 3,850 pharmD UdeM terminé en 2023 : 3,201 (gpa courbé :/ ) maîtrise en pharmacothérapie avancée terminée 2024 , UdeM : 3,6 merci. Casper a faire pour les admissions 2025
    • The dental profession, like any other field, has its positives and challenges. Here's a breakdown:   Positives:   1. Helping People: One of the most rewarding aspects of dentistry is the opportunity to improve people's oral health and overall well-being. Dentists can alleviate pain, prevent dental diseases, and enhance patients' smiles, which can have a significant impact on their confidence and quality of life.   2. Variety of Specializations: Dentistry offers a wide range of specializations, including orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry. This allows professionals to focus on areas that align with their interests and talents.   3. Continuous Learning: Dentistry is a dynamic field with ongoing advancements in technology, materials, and techniques. Dentists have the opportunity to engage in lifelong learning to stay updated with the latest developments, which keeps the profession intellectually stimulating.   4. Independence: Many dentists have the option to establish their own practices, allowing them to be their own bosses and create their ideal work environment. This level of independence can be attractive to those who value autonomy and entrepreneurship. Just like cityscape square dental is an independently developed by one dentist only.   5. Financial Stability: Dentistry generally offers competitive salaries and stable career prospects. As oral health is an essential component of overall health, there is a consistent demand for dental services, providing job security for practitioners.   Challenges:   1. Educational Investment: Becoming a dentist requires significant time, effort, and financial investment. Prospective dentists typically undergo several years of rigorous education and training, including undergraduate studies, dental school, and often postgraduate residency programs.   2. High Overhead Costs: Running a dental practice involves substantial overhead costs, including equipment, supplies, staff salaries, and facility maintenance. Managing these expenses while maintaining profitability can be challenging, especially for new practitioners.   3. Technological Advances: While technological advancements have enhanced the quality of dental care, they also require continuous investment in equipment and training. Keeping up with evolving technologies can be costly and time-consuming for dentists.   4. Patient Management: Dentists often encounter patients with dental anxiety or phobias, which can complicate treatment and require additional time and resources to address. Effective communication and patient management skills are essential for building trust and ensuring positive treatment outcomes.   5. Professional Burnout: The demanding nature of dentistry, including long hours, physical strain, and high patient expectations, can contribute to professional burnout. Dentists may experience stress, fatigue, and emotional exhaustion, necessitating self-care strategies and work-life balance.   Overall, while the dental profession offers numerous rewards and opportunities, it also presents various challenges that require dedication, resilience, and ongoing adaptation.  
    • Can anyone send me the discord link again?
    • Can someone send me the discord link again for McGill?
    • Hey guys does anyone know what time the Kira Interview emails will be sent?
    • Bonjour, J'aimerais savoir c'est quoi le rôle des notes dans l'année prémed de l'udem? Est-ce quelle sont prises en compte dans le Carms? Merci d'avance
    • Do you guys know if there is a deadline for the programs to submit their list of candidates to Carms? Was it February 29th? Edit : Program Rank order list Deadline :  22 February 2024
    • Bonjour, je veux connaître mes chances honnêtement pour la médecine avant d’appliquer l’an prochain. 1 an bac en physiothérapie 2018 à udes :  gpa 3,850 pharmD UdeM terminé en 2023 : 3,201 (gpa courbé :/ ) maîtrise en pharmacothérapie avancée terminée 2024 , UdeM : 3,6 merci. Casper a faire pour les admissions 2025
    • Just to confirm, PFT lab work in outpatient setting bills similarly per day vs Echo/MIBI/Holter? 
    • l'année passe c'était le 30 mars donc surement dans ces alentours i guess 
    • Admis/rejected : Ulaval Refus (Casper), UdeS dossier à l'étude Catégorie: Universitaire Programme (si études universitaires): Kinésiologie  GPA/CRC: 4.28 / 4.30 Quartile CASPer: 2e (18 octobre 2023) Quartile CASper l'année dernière: 2e Impressions/commentaires CASPer: C'était la 3e fois que je le faisais, je pensais avoir mieux fait cette fois-ci, j'étais assez confiant et moins stressé que les autres fois. J'ai toujours l'impression que c'est peu représentatif de la vraie vie. Je me suis préparé à chaque reprise et j'ai observé peu d'amélioration de fois en fois. Je manque constamment de temps pour répondre à toutes les questions. CRC calculée par UdeS l'année dernière: je n'ai jamais appliqué à UdeS avant (à quoi je devrais m'attendre?) Invitation MEM:  Impressions/commentaires MEM: 
    • Hello, I'm currently a PGY1 planning to apply for a transfer and I will likely be applying to one or more programs (only for one specialty) during this upcoming CaRMS second iteration.  It also just so happens that the CaRMS interview period overlaps with my pre-designated vacation period. It would be nice to actually get some length of a true vacation (and in a different time zone) during this hectic PGY1 year - so I wanted to ask the forum here so I could clear some things up.  It seems like Interview invites will start being sent as early as April 4th at noon - with the ranking period starting on April 9th (noon) and ending on April 17th. I would have initially assumed that this means all interviews would be done by April 8th, but this seems to not be the case and I've read others say that interviews can be scheduled for any time up until the April 17th rank order list deadline.  Just wanted to confirm if this is truly the case and/or whether I would have any flexibility in either my assigned interview dates/times, as well as if it would be possible to try to ensure any of my interviews are scheduled before a certain date (ie before the 9th, etc)? Thank you!  
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