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      Incoming med student? Discussion on Orientation topics: eg. financial aid (loans, LOC's), insurance, etc.

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    • The good thing you have is the acceptance rate for international students who did ug in the states is 20-25% whereas the acceptance rate for international students who didn’t do ug in the us is 9-10%. I think this has to do with people getting into med school in their home institution. Who knows though. 
    • I agree with what you mentioned and I, too, was once a ‘fool’ at a younger age and very naïve but learnt a lot with time. Life teaches one a lot only if he/she is willing to learn. As for the politics, I have observed it very closely for last decade or so and know that politicians are not very different. Money and power has a strange way of ruining peoples’ minds. At the end, it’s the balance which must be maintained and made sure none oversteps their authority. I appreciate the last piece of advice you gave. I, too, was thinking the same and sometimes feel that ignorance is not that much of a curse in this day age, if not blessing.    My plan is to stay optimistic, have an open mind and keep working hard and hopefully things will fall in place with time. Thanks a lot for your input.  
    • Date: 23 mai  Classement (/330): 231/330 (collégienne) Campus selectionné(s) (MTL et/ou Mauricie): Mauricie Accepté/rejeté/en attente: En attente Thoughts: Je suis encore incertaine si j’ai des chances ou pas. Selon les stats que j’ai vu dans le forum pour les dernières années, j’ai de petites chances, car la liste d’attente s’est rendue jusqu’à la 229e personne l’année passée… vos avis ?  
    • Bonjour j'ai une question concernant le dépôt de 300$. J'ai accepté mon offre pour le BSBP, mais je ne veux pas payer le dépôt puisque j'attends ma réponse pour PharmD Ulaval. J'ai reçu ce message : Nous tenons à vous rappeler que, pour réserver votre place au programme, une action supplémentaire de votre part est requise. En effet, vous devez vous acquitter d’un dépôt de 300$ par le biais de votre Centre étudiant au plus tard le 24 mai prochain. Après cette date, si le dépôt demeure impayé, nous serons malheureusement dans l’obligation de fermer votre dossier d’admission.  Est-ce que ça veut dire que toutes mes demandes seront fermées ou juste celle du BSBP? Merci, bonne chance à tous. 
    • As posted on MedsHousing.com Listing #2455 Ideal for a family or 4 medical students Ottawa Unfurnished next to CHEO. 4 bedrooms 5 minutes walk to medical school and hospitals. Current tenants: none.  Available now as a whole house or on individual room agreements. In the exclusive Tall Oak park community Well maintained, clean, upgraded unfurnished townhouse, with four bedrooms and 3.5 washrooms, a private backyard, a common area, a partially furnished dining, and living room, a fireplace, a shared kitchen, and laundry. Available as the whole house or as separate rooms for 4 medical candidates. Master bedroom with walk-in closet and private bathroom, basement bedroom with private bathroom and upgraded walk-in closet, 2 bedrooms with shared bathroom. 2 full-size fridges, dishwasher, washer, and dryer. 1 car garage and 2 parking spots on the driveway are available on a first-come basis Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 4 Unfurnished Long term $2,850.00 CAD / Month   Contact Landlord here   MedsHousing.com is a proud partner of Canadian Federation of Medical Students
    • I also can't seem to find it I also can't seem to find it 
    • Hello everyone,    As specified in the title, I wanted to see if there are any current applicants or previously accepted applicants were interested in doing some application review for the 2022/2023 MD and DO cycle. I am a Canadian citizen, undergrad in US, and applying to US school's for the 2nd time. If anyone is interested or willing to offer their experiences, feel free to send me a message. Best of luck to everyone this cycle    
    • Hi @daphodile98 I am currently in the same position and was wondering if you have any insight? 
    • Applied (OT for all) (Alberta Applicant): UofA, UBC, McMaster, Western Accepted: na (yet *fingers crossed*) Waitlisted: UofA (top section), Western (middle section) Rejected: UBC, McMaster (no interview) c-gpa: 3.55 and s-gpa: 3.77 Casper: 4th quartile (for applications to UofA, UBC and Western) Perceived strength of essays/references: This is my first time applying. I contacted a few OT's back in September as like a mentorship/advice thing and a few got back to me with some really good advice. I applied to only four places this year because that's what was recommended to me (4 or 5). Judging from this forum it seems so random where people get accepted/rejected or even waitlisted.  I think my professional/work reference was really good, I had just started volunteering with the organization but I knew my reference for a number of years. I think my academic references could have been better but I found it really hard with COVID to connect with profs. I think that's where my UBC application could have been stronger (with my second academic reference being somewhat weak but I also didn't feel confident about my written response at all).  If I had to rank my applications I was most confident with UofA just cause I thought my resume was really good, and I felt super confident about my written response. I also thought my odds would be better as a in province applicant. I felt ok about Western, I thought my written response could be better but I was happy I was at least on the waitlist. I was not really expecting anything from McMaster and I wasn't holding my breath for UBC either. I think because I was an out of province applicant with an ok gpa so I wasn't expecting too much. I also didn't apply to Queens because I felt it was too far out and also two whole essays to write was a lot when I was still trying to do classes but I might apply there if I have to next year. I would also have loved to gone to/apply to Dal but I thought my chances weren't as good there so I saved my money. I also heard from one OT that UofT really focuses on gpa right out of uni so I didn't apply there either.  I think if I have to apply again next year (really hoping there's movement on the UofA waitlist this year so that I won't have to) that I will maybe have a different academic reference (as I formed a better relationship with a prof I had multiple classes with in my last semester) but I don't think I'll take any more classes to boost my gpa (its already been boosted from my last semester which wasn't factored in when I was applying (currently c-gpa: 3.59 and s-gpa: 3.89).  I just think the whole process of applying/getting accepted is so random so wishing everyone good luck and hoping that I don't have to repeat the process again next year!
    • Allo!  Je sais que l’an dernier 272 collégiens sur la LA ont été acceptés (selon ce que j’ai lu sur le forum), mais savez-vous c’était combien les années précédentes? Je me demande si c’est une tendance habituelle ou si l’an passé c’était anormalement à la hausse pour une raison x.  Merci:))
    • Unfortunately the process is far from what people idealize it to be. It's extremely politicized (although the veneer of an open, fair, transparent process is important). You'll realize this is true not just for residency, but also for fellowship, job, money making opportunities etc etc, basically most things in life. If you believe the system here is immune to nepotism, (hidden) corruption and politics, then you are in for a rude awakening! - many IMG have connection through family/friends of friends/former schoolmates who are already in the system/people of same ethnic background - people from different backgrounds can bring with them their old prejudices against other backgrounds. - if you know nobody in the system, it's hard to get a leg up. That's why so many IMGs are working as lab techs, research assistants, volunteers, whatever they can do to get people in the system on their side. - affirmative action is alive and well, so race, ethnicity, and various other factors play a big role in politically correct hiring procedures. - don't be naive and believe one side of political spectrum is better than the other. At heart, it's a struggle of different interest groups for pieces of the pie. Sometimes "fools" are more useful to groups than "smart" people, so it may be advantageous to hide your merit in certain situations.
    • Yeah it’s weird. Usually in past year there were a few offers sent before the OMSAS accept deadline. Oh well we’re almost there! 
    • Hey, I did undergrad at U of A before going to U of T dent. I'm a few years out of dental school already, so things may/may not have changed since my application days, but I took BIOCH 200 and 330. 
    • There was turnover in the admissions office this past year so the new people might hold-off sending offers in comparison to last year. Hang in there, it has to move eventually! 
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