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Just looking for some insight/help, I haven’t applied before!

1. I write my MCAT Sept 1, is it possible to pre-release scores or do I just go on to AAMC and do it once the score is released?

2. Will UCAN update my file when they receive my transcripts?

3. Should I be paying for my application now or do it once everything is completed?

Otherwise, I am stressed and scared and excited, anyone that wants to reach out ever about how their application is going, please do! I’m non traditional, two degrees (biology and nursing), currently a critical care RN. GPA 3.62 after using the 10 year exclusion rule, MCAT is not yet determined, it will be average at best… Lots of clinical experiences, top 10 seem very well rounded and my references have all worked with me clinically… Not feeling super confident but excited to finally be going for it!

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Hy Kathryn

Sorry I am no help with the questions, but I wanted to comment bc I am potentially going to apply next cycle and we sound similar!

Biology Degree, Nursing Degree, now doing a course based masters in nursing. Currently a casual RN. 

I was curious with the cGPA, when you apply does it calculate that for you? I am confused what mine will be with the 10 year exclusion rule for my first degree, but then also my masters courses.

You said you dropped your first degree due to time, does that mean you can still drop your worst year in the second degree you got??



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